Marshmello’s First Ever Ritual Tour

September 20th began the start to Marshmello’s first ever tour featuring 40 different stops along the way. This was a big first step for Marshmello because he made his first ever appearance with Skrillex last year on Halloween and then made two other big performances at Ultra and EDC Vegas.



Marshmello has burst onto the scene since making his first appearance and has been taking over festivals and mixes since the day he first went public. Playing in a lot of Vegas night clubs and festivals across the world Marshmello has created a name for himself. He has gotten into beef with the world renown DJ Deadmau5 because of his instant fame and even created MelloGang which is a group of Marshmello fans in the EDM world. He has become a movement in the EDM world and a force to be reckoned with.

On Monday he will preform in Pittsburgh at Stage AE with Speaker of the House and Slushii. His tour is almost a quarter of the way done and his Instagram videos and stories have been far from disappointing as he posts something from every show. Hopefully Pittsburgh bounce crew is ready to jump and get crazy Monday night cause MELLOGANG IS COMING FOR YOU!!!


Hurricane Matthew Cancels Mustang Music Festival

With the awful weather of Hurricane Matthew threatening the Southeast, the upcoming Mustang Music Festival in Corolla, NC has been forced to cancel their event as well. The festival was to feature sets from moe, Lettuce, G. Love & Special Sauce, Yonder Mountain String Band and so many more, but the state of emergency in North Carolina is apparently too concerning to overcome.

mustangThe festival made the announcement with the following open letter to the fans:

A word from our Producer:
“It is with immense sadness we have to cancel the 6th Annual Mustang Music Festival. After sleepless nights, consultations from local and regional officials, we have determined that proceeding further in our production is hazardous and unsafe for our patrons, crew and performers. While the forecast for Hurricane Matthew has improved over the past few hours, there is still much uncertainty to its effects. North Carolina is under a State of Emergency and evacuations of the the North Carolina coast are still possible. All tickets will be purchased with a credit card will be refunded over the next 10-12 business days. Tickets purchased locally with cash will be refunded at the point of purchase beginning Tuesday, October 11.
A major thank you to everyone that worked on trying to make my dream a reality. I’m hopeful to be able to recover from this setback and try again in the future.”

Hopefully the Mustang team can recover from this year’s tragedy and come back next year for another strong music festival. It is so sad to see natural weather disasters destroying get experiences like this from happening.

Adventure In The Park Cancelled Due To Hurricane Matthew

Right now the east coast is facing what could be one of the worst storms in history. Hurricane Matthew has started its reign of terror and has begun to finally hit the east coast. With winds up to 140 mph and waves 12-15 feet tall the east coast is about to get hit hard.

As Hurricane Matthew is expected to make its way up the east coast this weekend, the event scheduled for Saturday and Sunday has had to cancel the festivities. In a statement posted to Facebook, AITP writes:

“Due to public safety concerns, the township of Lakewood New Jersey has officially cancelled Adventure in the Park 2016 in result of the uncertainty of Hurricane Matthew’s impact on the Jersey Shore this Friday October 7th through Sunday October 9th. We have spoken with town officials and it is in the communities best interest to prepare for what is approaching, due to previous historic hurricanes which have impacted the surrounding areas. Please be aware that this is solely for the safety of all adventurers and artists. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this has caused anyone, and we are working diligently to make next years festival a much greater experience!
Full refunds will be available at your point of purchase. Those who purchased tickets online will receive an email from Ticketfly or Ticketmaster by the end of the day.”





The lineup featured plenty of diverse music from Alison Wonderland and Yellow Claw to Logic and Lil Wayne. Hopefully the festival promoters are able to recover and give fans another event next year.

Kygo on the rise in 2016

Since blasting out onto the scene Kygo has been putting out hit after hit. After finally releasing his debut album, Cloud Nine earlier this year the name Kygo was really buzzing around. Kygo features a style of tropical house music that brings a sense of warmth and happiness. The Norwegian superstar has had hits playing for the X-Games commercials as well as being one of the closing artist’s for the Olympics this past summer. Kygo actually lived in Rio for a short time while he was in his youth and had to travel a lot with his military family. Forcing him to call many different places home.kygo

“It was pretty surreal for me. In the stadium it was 90,000 people I think, but on TV 800 million watching – just crazy. It’s hard to describe … I was just very happy. I think it took a couple days for me to actually realize and process what had just happened.”

However Kygo is more then just a DJ and a happy face in the community he recently has decided to open up his own fashion line and pursue being a diverse name in the industry. Hoping to offer cooler clothing options that don’t have a big Kygo logo is something that DJ has been searching for. He teamed up with a design crew from Norway to start Kygo Life Clothing. A sporty-meets-urban collection with both men’s and women’s clothing. Kygo is proving himself to be more then just a man who makes music. He is turning into a young entrepreneur in the industry and leaving his mark. ALL ABOARD THE KYGO TRAIN!!!


Rappers ditching festivals

Most music festivals generally decide bring in some mainstream hip-hop artist to help headline and attract a crowd of people who want to see that artist also. This brings a truly mixed crowd to some of the festivals you’ll have super experienced festival goers and then you’ll have rookies who saw a couple of the big names and the hip-hop artist and decided to try it out.

Now the real problem is these hip-hop artists that are full of themselves and decide to skip the festival. This year at Moonrise Young Thug missed his performance on day two. Rumor has it on day one Young Thug showed up extremely under the influence and said he was there to perform. They told him to go home and come back tomorrow and he was outraged so he left. Reddit was blowing up with hate comments and discussions of what happened. Ultimately Young Thug the next day(day of actual performance) was seen on snapchat golfing with his friend Dex and then at HIS DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! At the exact same time this man was supposed to preform he was at his daughters birthday. Has he really lost all touch with his life to not know that he got scheduled to preform on the same day? To me that’s pathetic and he should have been fined and gotten in trouble for what he did.

Halloween plans anyone?

Well it’s finally October, time for the leaves to start changing colors and the shows to start moving indoors. As festival season reaches the last couple months of the season the winter takes over. However Halloween time is one of the last big times for festivals and everyone on the east coast to go out and rage. img_1451

One show that is catching major attention right now is Freaky Deaky. The lineup was just recently announced for the Bridgeview, Illinois show. Freaky Deaky has a little bit of everything to offer. From hip-hop, RnB, Jam Bands and EDM DJs. Freaky Deaky has planned one of the most legendary Halloween festivals to date and has some of the most affordable prices.

Nightmare music festival in Maryland is another Halloween festival that has recently been receiving praise amoungst the community. The lineup is also one of the best to ones currently and received #4 ranking on the #10 Halloween festivals. This year they have started a sober camping area that allows people to connect with other sober individuals. They do not associate with AA or NA but are there to connect people to each other in a new life where drugs are not involved. Nightmare is sure to be one for the books. Hopefully everyone has a blast this Halloween!

Providing for the future

One of the easiest things for someone to do is clean up after themselves. With a lot of the festivals having camping for people this means that people will be living in these areas for a couple of days. With this that means some type of trash will get accumulated through the week. The biggest enemy is the plastic water bottle as The Festival Guy has already brought up this month after Electric Forrest had issues with trash.


Saving your water bottles or finding the nearest trash can is such an easy task that no one should feel the need to just drop their garbage on the ground. Yes I know that event staff is hired to clean up afterwards but not always will they do the best job. Keep the environment safe and clean for the future generations to enjoy is one of our duties. We are here to live and enjoy what mother nature has given us so who are we to destroy what she has given and not allow others to enjoy. By keeping an eye out for liter we can slowly take the proper steps to guarantee that the generation after will enjoy the places we enjoyed just as much.