Electric Forest Double Weekend Lineups

So this year Electric Forest decided that one weekend was not enough, so they are making it back to back weekends. With so many years of sell out weekends the staff decided it was best to create a second weekend with different artists than the first weekend.

Week 2

Week 1

Week 1

Week 2












With artists still to be named the suspense and wait has begun! Artists in white will only appear for the one weekend, while artists in yellow will be their for both weekends. The Tickets went on sale yesterday loyaltytiers_tree_1080x1350for loyalty members and will continue to drop throughout the next month. Week 1 features more jam bands and trance music, while week 2 features more heavy EDM and trap music.
Forest offers a layaway program in which people who can not afford to pay for their full tickets right away can put a down payment and then pay every month following until the weekend. This is something that music festivals have been trying to offer for everyone. These are not cheap concerts and they for sure take a chunk of money out of your pockets.

A website full of beautiful images from past years, as well as ideas for future years. Forest does a great job of showing you exactly what you are paying for. With a How to Visit the Forest page, they offer advice for rookies who are going to be attending forest for their first year. This will put a lot of people at ease not going into the forest blind as too what they are about to embrace.


Electric Forest is also offering some safe options this year, Camp Traction will be held for those who choose to experience the forest clean and sober! There will also be The Electric Forces Group Camp, which is an opportunity for Military Veterans, and their friends and families, to camp together at Electric Forest. The Women’s Group Camp is for those who identify as women who are camping alone, or who are seeking an experience that builds community with other Forest Family women.




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  1. The content in your post is good and the visuals definitely supplement the writing. However, I think putting the pictures in between the writing would work better for readability. It just makes it easier if the text gets broken up in my opinion.


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