Morgantown’s got talent

So this week I won’t really be writing about a music festival or something involving a direct festival but instead, some of the local talent in West Virginia that partake in the festival life style.

  • Jam Bands
  • DJs
  • Rappers
  • Live Painters
  • Flow Arts Club

Here in Morgantown in particular, we have a very diverse group of people who live in town. With that comes a very diverse music scene, although it is heavily dominated by jam bands and DJs. Morgantown still has many things to offer. Mainstage Morgantown and 123 Pleasant Street are two of Morgantown’s concert venues. Mainstage hosts a variety of concerts featuring mainly DJs but also bringing in jam bands, rappers, and even heavy metal concerts to town. While 123 Pleasant mainly sticks to just jam bands.


Within Morgantown itself a very talented artist, Evan Groseclose.  Evan has been live painting at festivals across america for the last year now. Evan is 23 years old and graduated from WVU last year with degree in agricultural sciences. Recently Evan has created a new logo for Mainstage as well as made many appearances at Mainstage shows to paint live art and sell some of his work after the shows.

“Morgantown has been a great place to launch my painting career, with so many friends and people into the festival scene it has made selling my work much easier,” said Evan who now lives in Morgantown and supports himself off his live painting shows that he travels too every week.

With an Instagram page full of details as to which festival you can find him at next, Evan has launched himself onto the scene with the help of his Morgantown festival family. His most recent big accomplishments were headlining at Nightmare and UpNorth festival.



the-manorand-amigosAnother local name catching a lot of attention is a band that goes by the name of The Manor and Friends. Formed in 2013, The Manor and Friends come from three core friends, Nate Morgan, Ivan Gonzalez, and Nick Adams. The three friends all lived in Dadisman Hall their freshmen year, and then moved into the McLane Manor. Which is an apartment complex in which they took their name from. After numerous nights jamming on the porch and attracting a crowd before you knew it The Manor and Friends were a thing! They have grown over the last four years and have had sold out shows at both 123 Pleasant and Mainstage. Opening up for names like Big Something and playing at over six festivals this summer around the east coast, The Manor and Friends have created a name for themselves.

77-exl“We are planning on releasing our first album in 2017, we’ve been working really hard on it for the last year and a half now and I think we are almost finally done,” said Nate Morgan the lead singer of The Manor and Friends.

I’ve known these three guys since I was a freshmen with them in Dadisman and they have been dedicated to music and festivals since the day I met them. The town has rallied behind them and so have the venues, as The Manor and Friends often do things to benefit the city and culture itself.


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