Anti-Trump Music Festivals

14889926_10207136536959105_3143726384564555288_oAs I am sure it is not a surprised to most of you but this year festivals have been rather Anti-Trump, even though he is now our president. One festival in particular was the week before the election down in Louisiana. Voodoo festival has caught major attention because not of the political propaganda that was outside the venue or because of the totems inside the venue. This was because of the artists, they were the ones with a voice that could be heard. They choose to finally speak their minds and voice their opinions.


Over the course of the weekend at least two artists, one a rapper, one a DJ, led their audiences in anti-Trump chants. Day 3 closer, Arcade Fire introduced several of their songs with political messages, coming just short of naming Trump as the target. They highlighted during their set that Trump has been playing on people’s fear, as if Hilary wasn’t either. Both politicians this year have had more hateful ad campaigns then ever before. So this was a little bit irrelevant, however the real artist that made some noise was Tool.

He came out 5 minutes for his set but came out to the slow mellow beat of Third Eye. they hauled out the title track from their debut EP, which was released the same year we elected the first President Clinton. “Opiate” was originally a song about powerful religious leaders, but in the Year of Trump it became a powerful warning about authoritarianism.


Voodoo Fest alone was clearly not enough to change the outcome of the election, but was a great demonstration of how to voice your opinions. With an extremely young and volatile crowd these subliminal messages as well as in your face messages were meant to influence you.


3 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Music Festivals

  1. I was unaware of the politics that can go on at music festivals. Most people are probably just there for the music and I wonder if there were negative reactions from some fans. This was informative and the links definitley supplemented the post well.


  2. I found this post so interesting because I really had no idea this was going on. It’s crazy how much of an influence certain artists can be on people. It’s also cool to read this after the election had happened because so many people see upset about the results, yet he still won. Makes me wonder if some voted for Trump, but are too afraid to admit it in fear they will be attacked. Great post!


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