Prohibited Items of 2016

ultra-music-festival_2015_banned_raver_gear_listEvery Music Festival has some form of security before entry. Security searches items that people are
bringing in and also searches people themselves to make sure nothing illegal is being smuggled inside. This basic form of security is what festival management hopes will keep everyone safe and having a good time. As of the last couple years festivals have had to create banned items list  which consists of basic items that the common person would even know is banned and then some other items that come up that aren’t so normal.

Ultra Music Festival has been one of the biggest festivals to currently create a banned list. With Ultra Music Festival taking place in different countries around the world it was very important to make a banned item list and stick firmly to this. With shows in locations across the world having a universal list makes it easier for everyone to understand just what they can and can not bring.


Some of the things that have made this list that are more unique are stuffed animals, face masks, pacifiers, glow sticks and even umbrellas. Other festivals such as Dancefestopia and EDC have also started to adapt a banned item list so that people can understand beforehand what they can and can not bring.
Now why are things like stuffed animals, face masks, and pacifiers banned? Well there have been lots of different reasons that they have given but generally the number one reason is drugs. They don’t want people stuffed-animalsdoing drugs, hiding that they are on drugs, or smuggling drugs in. The stuffed animals have been said to be used for a style of totem where you can find your friends easier but also has been described as a way to stop a bad trip, just hug your cute cuddly friend and what could go bad at that point? Or is the teddy bear used to smuggle drugs inside? Are you really going to cut open someones stuffed animal? It is too difficult to actually tell so festivals have started to banned them completely.

So face masks and pacifiers, what’s the deal with both of these? Well generally people have used these as ways to hide excessive jaw gnawing so that no one can see you are under the influence of something. The pacifierssecurity also struggles to identify people on cameras after fights or crimes have been committed. Another big thing about the face masks has been that people rub Vicks Vapor. This has been used by the rave community to further the rush and help themselves breath when they are struggling. Pacifiers have also been an issue because people look like giant babies. Ultra Music Festival actually was so upset they changed the age of their music festivals to 18+ so that hopefully an older crowd would sway away from this childish behavior.


One thought on “Prohibited Items of 2016

  1. This post was a good read. I like how you highlighted some of the items and explained how they are related to rave culture. I had no idea that items like stuffed animals and pacifiers were used hand-in-hand with drugs. This post provided nice and informative perspective.


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