Wat The Frick Tour Issues

getter3Over the last month DJ Getter has been on his Wat The Frick tour which is the first tour for the DJ in which he is on a tour bus, is the main headliner and places at a different small venue every night basically. With this in mind a lot of things can go wrong playing at these small venues with inexperienced opening DJs, improper security, and travel issues due to the road, weather and the bus. With all this in mind it is hard to imagine that something wouldn’t go wrong.

Redlining the mixer is a big issue for DJs around the world. Redlining the mixer refers to the volume level at which each DJ is playing at as the night progresses on. So the local opener who goes on before Getter and his friends is meant to play at a lower volume level so that he doesn’t use up all the loud noise making the headliner sound louder and even better when he finally goes on. Getter got into some serious twitter beef over opening DJs redlining his mixer in back to back shows and took to twitter. Numerous other DJs attacked him and told him to remember when he was a local DJ opening and for a couple days twitter was full of drama in the EDM world.


Was it wrong for Getter to get upset about the local openers stepping their boundaries? Was it even the openers doing it or was it the smaller venues with less experienced workers on the sound board? Or was it even his friends who opened for him and may of increased the volume themselves? Regardless I would be upset if this was my first tour and it wasn’t going as exactly as I wanted it too. He wants the tour to be perfect and he wants all his fans to have a good time. It makes this hard for him to do when he can’t do his job as he planned too.


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