Providing For The Next Generation

Setting a good example for the next generation begins with us. It starts with the DJs and those who attend the shows. Whatever happens at these shows reflects on our generation and reflects on what wetrash-2-youredm stand for. If we continue to have drug overdoses and physical or sexual violence at these shows and festivals then all we are showing people is that we are a disgusting group of people. If we continue to trash the venues we are allowed to use then we will have no venues for the future generation to have.


The festivals that we attend are more then just cool venues, lights, music and one big party, it is you and it is me. It is all of us working together to have the best time possible. This means that sometimes you need to speak up and have a voice. The police and security in Europe have started to take this issue so serious they have been putting “Don’t Grope” on the wristbands when people imrsenter the festival. This has been used to raise awareness in the community that there is a serious problem. If you ever see someone getting taken advantage of either go help them out or find one of the hundred security guards standing around and get them help. Little things like this set good examples for the future generation of music festival attendees.


We have a very big number of young and upcoming DJs all under the age of 21 that have been watching the DJs ahead of them and mimicking their every move. DJs like Marshmello who takes time after all of his shows to take pictures with his fans. Marshmello has made sure his fans know he loves them back and wants to give as much to them as he can. He never ceases to amaze and has only been preforming live since Halloween of last year. This is the type of example DJs should be setting.



He captioned the photo….

marshmellomusic:It’s our job to set positive examples for the next generation and guide them. 🙏🏼 “

This is the type of DJ we want to see in the public eye. These are the type of actions we want to see, there is no need to throw the party lifestyle into the face of the people when you can simply give back and show love to the fans that show you so much love on a daily basis.



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