Marshmello’s First Ever Ritual Tour

September 20th began the start to Marshmello’s first ever tour featuring 40 different stops along the way. This was a big first step for Marshmello because he made his first ever appearance with Skrillex last year on Halloween and then made two other big performances at Ultra and EDC Vegas.



Marshmello has burst onto the scene since making his first appearance and has been taking over festivals and mixes since the day he first went public. Playing in a lot of Vegas night clubs and festivals across the world Marshmello has created a name for himself. He has gotten into beef with the world renown DJ Deadmau5 because of his instant fame and even created MelloGang which is a group of Marshmello fans in the EDM world. He has become a movement in the EDM world and a force to be reckoned with.

On Monday he will preform in Pittsburgh at Stage AE with Speaker of the House and Slushii. His tour is almost a quarter of the way done and his Instagram videos and stories have been far from disappointing as he posts something from every show. Hopefully Pittsburgh bounce crew is ready to jump and get crazy Monday night cause MELLOGANG IS COMING FOR YOU!!!

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