Kygo on the rise in 2016

Since blasting out onto the scene Kygo has been putting out hit after hit. After finally releasing his debut album, Cloud Nine earlier this year the name Kygo was really buzzing around. Kygo features a style of tropical house music that brings a sense of warmth and happiness. The Norwegian superstar has had hits playing for the X-Games commercials as well as being one of the closing artist’s for the Olympics this past summer. Kygo actually lived in Rio for a short time while he was in his youth and had to travel a lot with his military family. Forcing him to call many different places home.kygo

“It was pretty surreal for me. In the stadium it was 90,000 people I think, but on TV 800 million watching – just crazy. It’s hard to describe … I was just very happy. I think it took a couple days for me to actually realize and process what had just happened.”

However Kygo is more then just a DJ and a happy face in the community he recently has decided to open up his own fashion line and pursue being a diverse name in the industry. Hoping to offer cooler clothing options that don’t have a big Kygo logo is something that DJ has been searching for. He teamed up with a design crew from Norway to start Kygo Life Clothing. A sporty-meets-urban collection with both men’s and women’s clothing. Kygo is proving himself to be more then just a man who makes music. He is turning into a young entrepreneur in the industry and leaving his mark. ALL ABOARD THE KYGO TRAIN!!!


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