Rappers ditching festivals

Most music festivals generally decide bring in some mainstream hip-hop artist to help headline and attract a crowd of people who want to see that artist also. This brings a truly mixed crowd to some of the festivals you’ll have super experienced festival goers and then you’ll have rookies who saw a couple of the big names and the hip-hop artist and decided to try it out.

Now the real problem is these hip-hop artists that are full of themselves and decide to skip the festival. This year at Moonrise Young Thug missed his performance on day two. Rumor has it on day one Young Thug showed up extremely under the influence and said he was there to perform. They told him to go home and come back tomorrow and he was outraged so he left. Reddit was blowing up with hate comments and discussions of what happened. Ultimately Young Thug the next day(day of actual performance) was seen on snapchat golfing with his friend Dex and then at HIS DAUGHTERS BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! At the exact same time this man was supposed to preform he was at his daughters birthday. Has he really lost all touch with his life to not know that he got scheduled to preform on the same day? To me that’s pathetic and he should have been fined and gotten in trouble for what he did.

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