Halloween plans anyone?

Well it’s finally October, time for the leaves to start changing colors and the shows to start moving indoors. As festival season reaches the last couple months of the season the winter takes over. However Halloween time is one of the last big times for festivals and everyone on the east coast to go out and rage. img_1451

One show that is catching major attention right now is Freaky Deaky. The lineup was just recently announced for the Bridgeview, Illinois show. Freaky Deaky has a little bit of everything to offer. From hip-hop, RnB, Jam Bands and EDM DJs. Freaky Deaky has planned one of the most legendary Halloween festivals to date and has some of the most affordable prices.

Nightmare music festival in Maryland is another Halloween festival that has recently been receiving praise amoungst the community. The lineup is also one of the best to ones currently and received #4 ranking on the #10 Halloween festivals. This year they have started a sober camping area that allows people to connect with other sober individuals. They do not associate with AA or NA but are there to connect people to each other in a new life where drugs are not involved. Nightmare is sure to be one for the books. Hopefully everyone has a blast this Halloween!

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