Providing for the future

One of the easiest things for someone to do is clean up after themselves. With a lot of the festivals having camping for people this means that people will be living in these areas for a couple of days. With this that means some type of trash will get accumulated through the week. The biggest enemy is the plastic water bottle as The Festival Guy has already brought up this month after Electric Forrest had issues with trash.


Saving your water bottles or finding the nearest trash can is such an easy task that no one should feel the need to just drop their garbage on the ground. Yes I know that event staff is hired to clean up afterwards but not always will they do the best job. Keep the environment safe and clean for the future generations to enjoy is one of our duties. We are here to live and enjoy what mother nature has given us so who are we to destroy what she has given and not allow others to enjoy. By keeping an eye out for liter we can slowly take the proper steps to guarantee that the generation after will enjoy the places we enjoyed just as much.

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