Health Issues: Drug Overdose

When you think of a music festival you generally think of hippies and drugs. Back when Woodstock started in 1969 the idea of a multi day music festival people have been taking drugs and enjoying the music that gets played. Now this is not to say that music can not be enjoyed without drugs because that is completely false. Plenty of people attend these music festivals completely sober and get a natural high from the music and good vibes of the festival.

However now a days the party scene has been blown out of proportion. People are selling fake drugs, taking too large of doses, and taking things that they don’t even know the first thing about. These music festivals unfortunately have earned a bad name for drug overdoses and other drug related issues. Ultra music festival in particular has been asked by the city of Miami to move there festival. Last year the second person died in Ultra Music history, a 21 year old man died of an accidental overdose. The blame has been put now onto the security guards for letting in all the drugs and allowing this type of activity to happen.


Just recently in Ohio my home state an issue with marijuana edibles happened which is almost unheard of at music festivals. Marijuana overdoses in general are just very rare if not non-existent. 24 People were hospitalized after eating an entire bag of edible nerd ropes. Normally one or two pieces were said to get people high and at the festival people had been reported eating the whole bag. That is what happens when a new drug that people aren’t familiar with enters a new environment. No one knew how to handle to medical level edibles and went overboard thinking they could take a normal dose.

When will the drug issue finally be addressed by the community? I know we all want to have our fun in our own way but when does it go too far? When is selling people fake drugs and hurting them every okay? When is selling people larger doses then they are use to ever okay? Why can’t we all just enjoy our music safely and happily? Hopefully we can continue to enjoy the music festival scene and the security figures out how to keep drugs out and keep people safe.

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