Is security really even security?

Entering any music festival the first thing you encounter is some form of security. They go through a search process that involves emptying the contents of your backpacks and pockets. Allowing them to make sure you are not bringing in a backpack full of drugs. They then proceed to pat you down and make sure nothing is in your shoes or hats. (generally speaking)


At Moonrise festival this year a huge issue with security extortion happened. Not only at moonrise but also at Ultra Music festival issues with security letting in drugs and drug ODs happening. Whether it is drugs or weapons security needs to tighten up. Security lines this year have been different every single time I have entered a music festival and not one place has truly given me a thorough search. This makes me nervous for my safety at future festivals as well as safety of others. If a safe environment can not be provided at music festivals then the festival should not happen.


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