Camping vs Hotels

Festivals come in all shapes and sizes. Some festivals last one day while some other festivals last up to 5 days. With this in mind there is a music festival for everyone! Some festivals offer camping grounds where people can sign up for group camping or people can sign up for general admission camping. Some festivals like Moonrise in Baltimore, which takes place on Pimlico Race Track can not offer camping for the multi day festival and people are forced to find hotels to stay at.


Staying in a tent for a week with your friends creates a whole new bond and friendship from living in such close quarters. It makes for a very long couple of days full of long nights and lots of partying. The tent becomes you home for the weekend and everyone makes their tents something different. You become neighbors with other tents and make new friends just from sleeping in a tent next to random people. Making friends at these festivals and having a good time is what it is all about. The only down side to these tent festivals is the lack of security within your tent. People have free roam that live in tents around. Recently a rape problem has came to light as well with this lack of security. It sickens me to see that people would act like this towards women and the sexual assault problem needs to be taken care of.  At Coachella this year one male was spotted wearing a shirt that wore, “eat, sleep,rape,repeat.” this was one of the final straws that got females to finally start speaking up.

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