Health Issues at Festivals: Dehydration


With music festival season in full swing still but coming to end shortly as the cold seasons begin to approach health issues are still a major concern. Recently Live Science spoke to scientists about these issues and they found numerous different issues. Dehydration, drug overdose, and even delirium has started to become an issue at music festivals. Last year 55,000 people attended the Two Big Days Out festival and 1,587 people needed first aid help from the medical staff alone last year. These numbers are continuing to rise every year and unfortunately there is not much they can do about this.


Dehydration has been the #1 issue at music festivals this year. Festivals have started to integrate free water stations but not all have. A free water station is as simple as getting a standard food vendor or clothing vendor for you festival. The only difference is the water stations truly save lives. Getting volunteers to help work at music festivals is commonly where these big companies go to look for the workers.


Electric Daisy Carnival or EDC has had four deaths in the last 2 years of hosting a Las Vegas show. Since this has happened EDC has committed to having free water refill stations where volunteers can help patrons get their water and stay hydrated all day long. They also have encouraged festival goers to use the water stations outside venues as well as inside throughout the day. Volunteers have also started waking around spraying people with water and handing out free water bottles to help keep people safe all day long.


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