The Masked Crusaders

We all know that one DJ started the masked revolution. Deadmau5 has been wearing an electric mouse to conceal his identity for as long as he has been on the mix tables.


Over the last couple years a couple other people have adopted this identity such as Bear Grillz and Marshmello. Bear Grillz has not been crucially criticized the way Marshmello has. Over this last year Marshmello dropped his debut album under Skrillex’s music label OWSLA and absolutely blew up with the help of Skrillex dropping much of his music during his sets to help promote the new young DJ.


Pretty soon you started to see the signature Marshmello helmet everywhere. It was like a new revolution of a masked god had come to life. Deadmau5 has been nearing the end of his career now for the last couple of years and this was the final straw that broke the camels back. Deadmau5 has taken to twitter as well interviews about how trash Marshmello is and all this


Deadmau5 has tried to get the whole social media world to turn against Marshmello all because he also wears a mask to conceal his identity. His incredible success has led people to naturally compare the two and Deadmau5 has not been a fan of this. So both of these artists have played some back and forth with Marshmello attempting to say hello even when he knows that Deadmau5 will never acknowledge him in person. Is it childish for Marshmello to continue to try and fix this issue or should he just drop it and continue with his success?

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