Taxi services team up with music festivals

Not all music festival offer the option of camping on site. With this being the case for most festivals that take place in major cities transportation is a big problem. With major taxi services like Uber and Lyft teaming up to offer discount codes for music festivals a safer alternative to driving is available. Safety is always the number one priority at these music festivals but the job of keeping everyone safe extends outside the festival walls. Getting people home safe is the last job of the night. Setting up shuttle buses for people has been one method but you still have to worry about driving after the shuttle bus drops you off.

People usually are drinking and enjoying themselves at these festivals and often times they are not paying the best attention while driving afterwards. By offering discount codes to encourage the use of taxi services. Uber and Lyft have helped save many lives by not letting people get behind the wheel. With thousands of people walking around outside the festival grounds it is often very chaotic and dangerous. Allowing someone to drive you safely is the best method to getting home safely. You have been dancing and on your feet all day so avoiding having to drive is very important.

Next month Uber is trying out a new tactic of self driving cars in Pittsburgh. There are numerous shows that happen at Stage AE in Pittsburgh and discount codes are given to try out this new safe form of driving. This effort has been highly supported to help stop driving under the influence and to get people to their destinations safely.uber-lyft

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