Moonrise Festival Attendees Report Extortion

Moonrise Festival attracts music fans from all over the world. With such a diverse group in one area there were bound to be some issues that happened. Some attendees may not have even spoke or understood english. Add alcohol and drugs into the equation and you have a recipe for potential disaster. Moonrise hired a couple different security companies and CSS security was one of the major companies. As a security guard at these festivals you have taken the responsibility to serve and protect the people of that festival. That means keeping the drugs and weapons out and keeping the people inside safe and happy. Instead, some security officers chose to take advantage of that power and reportable extorted numerous people.

moonrise-festival-2016-110675-132528867657516a3b6aa82030620160430036Through comments on the Moonrise Facebook page and emails sent to Magnetic Magazine the staff at Moonrise was notified quickly that issues had happened. Reddit was also blowing up with posts about stories from people who had similar issues. Kadeem Kirton had this to say “Some friends and I entered the festival. They wanted to show me this cool spot, and as we got over there we noticed some security tailing us. We sat inside the little woven huts where groups of people were smoking, and the security tapped us and told us to give them $20 or any drugs we had in order to stay in the festival. Then they proceeded to do it to everyone else there.” This is just one of many stories in which security guards extorted people. Many other stories about cutting off your wristband or give me money were talked about.

The staff at Moonrise posted on their Facebook page a long post apologizing for the events that happened and how to contact them to report your issues. Read the post here and if you have any personal stories you would like to share email or

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