10 Connected blogs to check out

The following blogs are all related to the topic of Music festivals. They all contain information that will help in the focus of this blog.

LIVE Music Blog is a music blog about concerts, festivals, music news, photos and videos. This will help me in finding other news worthy stories.

The Festival Guy is a blog full of music festival reviews and news about the community. This will be a great outlet for personal stories about the festivals.

Magnetic Mag is an edm culture blog that brings you live interviews and new music constantly. This will help to see some of the new things to come in the future.

Billboard Magazine is a music blog that brings all different type of news stories to the table. This will help keep my blog diverse.

Your EDM is a music festival blog that brings news stories and festival coverage from all over the country. I will be able to find plenty of new topics to talk and write about for my blog here.

Must Love Festivals helps people to find music festivals and has a blog page full of different stories from the festivals.

Pitchfork the most trust voice in music. This blog will help me see all the news that happens in the music world. Everything from cancelled songs that ended up not getting made to 9 albums you must hear.

Fest300 brings various experiences from the best festivals around. This will give me more stories to read and learn about.

Concert Blogger has all the music news I need. Not as much festival based news but this will help find stories about the artists rather then the festival.

NME will bring me the latest music, band, and film blogs from all the performers. This will help me to connect one step further into another blog.

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