Festival Fatalities on the Rise

Music festivals are loved by many, but can be very dangerous if you do not take the right precautions. Sadly to say, over the last couple of years the number of festival deaths has started to increase. In 2013 there at least 7 festival attendees had died of drug-related causes.  Prior to this majority of big festival issues were accidental fatalities like the trampling of people in a crowd during sets. Music Festivals are a time and place where a group of very different people can all come together as one to enjoy the same music. You go to these festivals to have the time of your life, and fatalities should be the last thing people are worrying about.

Dehydration is one of the biggest issues surrounding the festival community. After a day full of dancing around in the heat and sweating out all the water that you have in your system dehydration can start to kick in and you start not to feel like yourself. With vendors selling water bottles for usually expensive prices people are forced to wait in long lines for a small amount of water and hope that the free water stations are available when need be. Some of the more mainstream and big festivals that go on year after year have brought portable water stations for all the fans to enjoy.f6172021f7b09373b5b6a7b6bfcfc5fd

Fans are encouraged to bring some sort of backpack that can carry water and their belongings. A simple place to buy one is at CamelBak, a company that specializes in hiking backpacks to keep you hydrated. They ask you to bring the water pouch empty and say you can fill it up inside to prevent drugs from being brought in. These precautions and encouragements for good healthy fun should steer people away from dehydrating.


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