Breakaway Music Festival

Breakaway Music Festival August 26 & 27 Columbus, Ohio

Breakaway returned yet again for another year of music! Prime Social Group host’s this music festival that features some of the biggest names in the music world right now. The Ohio Expo Center has been the chosen location this year. Whether you like EDM or Hip-Hop this festival has little bit of everything! Over the two days you get to experience good music from the second the doors open to the second the doors close. To check out the set times go to the official Breakaway Music Festival here Facebook .

One special feature offered at Breakaway is a silent disco. A silent disco is when they give out free wireless headphone before you enter the tent and have a couple different DJ’s playing on different frequencies. Everyone dances in this tent and listens to their own choice of music as one giant group.

Starting with the headliner Chance the Rapper, who is a young Chicago rapper who looks to push the world of independent music. He plays a lot of songs off his newest album Coloring books as well as his old mixtape Acid Rap. His most recent single is Angels (feat. Saba). If you would like to purchase and of Chance the Rappers merchandise go to his direct website at and show some support!

Next we have Dillon Francis a well rounded DJ in the EDM world. He dropped an EP most recently full of remixes called Need You(remixes). You can find this on iTunes or Spotify. Also his official verified soundcloud has great content that you will hear during his set. Breakaway_8x4.5-800x450.png

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